I dm’ed Dungeons and Dragons Encounters at my local game store and a few D&D games at conventions. One of the things I love about running these games are the newcomers, people who have never played tabletop role playing games. These are individuals don’t know what they are getting into. Sure they may have spoken to friends, listened/watched to podcasts/videos of people playing, or read about it, but honestly one does not know what they are truly getting themselves into.

That’s how I felt when I started playing two years ago. I had listened to the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts and kind of knew what I was about to attempt, but playing it was different. The social aspect is one of my favorite things. It is different playing an MMORPG talking to someone through chat than playing a tabletop game and speaking to your coplayer. Unless you are really good, you can’t fake the expression on your face or the tone of your voice.

It is fun telling a first time player that their skin if dissolving because of acid and they are freaking out asking his buddies to help it. Granted it can be a little bit frustrating dealing with the new player (who has been attending for 3 months) that doesn’t know what to add to figure out his basic melee attack, but be patient they will eventually become a great player…Hopefully…I think…Don’t stare at me like that I’m not lying…sort of.

It’s a great feeling knowing that you are introducing this game that may lead to other games to this person. There is also the feeling accomplishment of teaching something to someone. That feeling stems from my old tutoring days I think.