So someone asked me, “When did you realize you were shifting away from Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition to Pathfinder?” I thought it would make a good blog subject. Instead of focusing on the games and the dungeon masters I’ve played like described in a previous post this will focus on me as a player.

Confidence is a great thing; wish I had more of it when I try new things. When I try something new, most of the time, I’m pretty nervous. Being an introvert doesn’t help too much either.  I never know what to expect and the idea of being new at something and sucking really terrifies me. If such an event were to occur, which results in me being laughed at, I would probably if I had the chance go into a little corner and lament. Thankfully 4th edition is easy.  There wasn’t any confusion and after my second or third game I had some idea of what the hell was going on.

After I had said confidence with 4th edition, I decided it was time to tackle something a little bit harder, 3.5 edition. This would be my taking the training wheels off moment. Granted 3.5 was a little harder to grasp. In many moments in this game the following could be heard in my head…

“What the hell is my grapple modifier?”


“What do you mean drinking a potion is a move action?”

“What is this full round attack you speak of?”

“Difficult terrain is 1.5 movement?! What?”

Eventually I figured out what the hell I was doing. That is when I realized I liked 3.5 but it was on par with 4th edition still. It was so complicated. I wanted to play a caster type but too many spells…SO MANY SPELLS! WHAT DO THEY DO?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I still don’t understand how a barbarians rage works. On the other hand this is what 4th edition was starting to sound like…  WHY DO THE MONK ATTACKS SOUND SO STUPID? I wish spells were a little more versatile. Bloody fortune cards! They are banned from my game!

In other news the very cute game master is a raving lunatic…

I feel like Goldilocks with pathfinder, not too hard, not too easy, it is just about right for my personality. Combat maneuver attack, I was like, “Whoa! I don’t have to calculate my trip and grapple? Woohoo less math for my fragile brain! Etc…

Though I probably would not have felt this way if I hadn’t gone through both 4th edition and 3.5. If I had picked up pathfinder first this probably would’ve been my thought process, “Why is this so hard?”


But I didn’t and everything is chill. Peace!