So last week I played Rifts for the first time. For those who do not know Rifts is a multi-genre roleplaying game published by Palladium games, who also published the TMNT rpg and Heroes Unlimited. What can I say about it? I liked it.

The world is a rich one; it is set in post apocalyptic settings where the Earth after experiencing a golden age is torn apart by Rifts that tear the inter dimensional fabric. Now the world has been reformed where there are parts that that resemble the jungles of the Congo filled with fantastical creatures and other places where it looks as if someone dropped in scenes from Bladerunner.

I like how there are a lot of class opinions. If you want to be a heavy hitter a glitterboy or juicer might be for you however if magic is more of your forte a ley line walker or mystic might be in your future. There are even classes that are not combat centric at all that focus on skills such as the operator or rogue scholar. I for one like to be the rogue scientist astounding people with my giant brain power knowledge… logic thingy… of smartness… Shut up.

The combat system leaves more to be desired. Tentacle monsters definitely would reign supreme. Each class has a set number of attacks per round. Ranged combat…that gets a little confusing and don’t get me started on missile combat. I can see why a lot of people house rule of lots of the details. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as bad as Exalted rules where I can’t even slough through that stuff. Depending on whether or not you have hand to hand combat affect your ability to dodge, pull punch, and etc. Initiative if rolled after each round. But it is really easier to keep track of than it sounds.

It is very archaic much like dungeons and dragons 1st edition. Skills are based on percentages, which I have no problem about. It reminds be a little of what I heard about the Call of Cthulhu games. But there are so many skills such as weapon expertise and languages, but you also have skills like animal husbandry, which is prerequisite for veterinary. It can be a little excessive, if I were game mastering such a system I would have a list of highly recommended skills that will applied to the game.

Would I play again? Hell yes. Would I run a campaign with it? Yeah I would, but I’m more of a medieval fantasy person so it wouldn’t be really my forte.