Recently, I played Red Dragon Inn one, two, and three at a friend’s house. It is a fun little card game created by Cliff Bohm and published by Slugfest Games. The idea of the game is that you part of an adventuring party staying at an inn doing what adventurers do best, drinking and gambling.

Each player has a fortitude, which is one’s health, and an alcohol content. Fortitude starts at twenty and alcohol content at zero, when your alcohol content meets your fortitude value you pass out and get thrown out of the tavern. The other way to get thrown out of the inn is to run out of gold, which you have ten of at the start of the game. Everyone plays an adventurer that each has his or her special quirk. One your turn you discard, and draw cards until you have seven in your hand. You may play an action, then you give out two drinks to anyone at the table, then you take a drink!

There are many cards that counteract actions, restore fortitude, deal more alcohol points, gamble, and etc. It is a very strategic and it more fun in play in action than explaining it. By the way roleplaying your character is optional but encouraged. It makes the game even that much more fun. I command you to GO BLOODY BUY IT!