Who doesn’t know what Paranoia is? In case you don’t know, Paranoia is a dystopian science fiction tabletop rpg written by Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber, and Eric Goldberg and published under Mongoose Publishing. In this setting society is run by the Computer. Players play to win the Computers loyalty by killing traitors, commies, and mutants. However players are also part of a secret society that usual oppose the computer and they have mutant powers. Kill or be killed but in slapstick humor way.

It’s a fun game. Expect many deaths in the game but they have clones of course. There will many explosions of fiery death, acid face melting, and misfired lasers. The best challenge to overcome if keeping your players from killing each other too much. That is right…player vs player. But unlike a dungeons and dragons game pvp is encouraged! I love it as a one shot, but I probably couldn’t play it for a campaign. There is only so much slapstick killing humor I can take