“Hello, I’m Frederick Vonjingle Epperstein,” The distinguished gentleman with the moustache and monocle said.

“Hello Fred,” said everyone else.

“I have a problem. I am evil.”

Today’s subject is evil characters. We all know the evil character. It could be one of your PCs, a villain, or that guy at the party who ate all the doritos.  I’ve always been intrigued by the evil character. I remember when I went downstairs on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons my mindset was bad guy bad, I hope the good guys win, and why is he so bad?

This mindset continued into video games. It wasn’t until I picked up my first bioware game, Dragon Age Origins that I thought otherwise. Bioware’s games have a lot of moral choices in them. I could have been a total jerk if I wanted to. Of course I played a chaotic good character first then the badass. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but it really gave me that warm fuzzy freeing of WREAKING HAVOC.

When I play an evil character I love to cause chaos and destruction, but I feel better when my character has at least a semi good reason for it. Most of the time I go with I was abused by group x growing up and now I want to cause mass genocide. That might seem like a narrow concept but it comes up a lot more than you would think. An evil character without any substance I feel is fine if you are playing an one-shot. However if you are playing a long term campaign especially a serious one then if helps to have an evil pc or villain have reasons, to screw up (cause he’s human), or to just have him show emotion. Unless the case if your evil pc/villain is a sociopath.

On another note, does anyone notice there are a lot of villains have mommy issues?

I do like my evil characters. I like them complex, human, emotionally, and passionate sprinkled with a touch of insane and smothered in murderous rage!

There is some appeal playing an evil person. Oh how I enjoy the thought of doing every immoral thing in the book and get away with it. There is a certain spark when pretending you are so totally not.

So…yeah…I honestly don’t know where I was going with that.

::Force Lightning:: UNLIMITED POWER!!!

I just really wanted to say that.