Here is what I did at Pax East. A lot of this will be scattered and probably not too interesting.

The exhibit hall was okay. I don’t play too many video games these days, but I would’ve loved to have played Borderlands 2 if only the line wasn’t 4 hours long. I’ll just play it when it comes out in September.

I had the pleasure of running a lot of Dungeons and Dragons games at Pax East 2012. 24 hours worth of games is what I did. I think I’m going to pass out from remembering how many people I met. All very lovely and interesting people I tell you however. Most of these sessions were Learn To Play and two DnDNext sessions.

My Learn to Play sessions were something that’s for sure. I always enjoy teaching people how to play DnD. The realization on the beginner’s faces knowing they can do almost anything they want, how they are not restricted by a programmer’s code. Bes thing ever! As for myself, normally I am quite introvert, but when I dm I become something more. I AM GOD! Er no I’m not but it does give me the chance to become a great storyteller. It is the most comfortable position I can be in.

This is my opinion of DnDNext! I liked it. I found the ****** ****** to be ***** and **** ********. There are a lot things that have to be ******* *** however I think they are ** *** ***** ****. ****** have to be ******** a little more, but I shall see what they have at the open playtest.

I paid a visit to the Reaper booth, they have a new line of miniatures made of plastic called Bones. They are cheaper than the pewter figures and are totally paintable. Though I will always prefer pewter because the method I use to strip a painted mini is putting them in Pine Sol for 24 hours, which plastic could not last through.

I didn’t game too much. It was nice to be surrounded by so many games and to grab some neat stuff for running games, but I was exhausted. But I will do this again next year!