This past weekend I concluded a campaign that I had been running for about two and a half years. We started in September `09 and only ended because three of my players were leaving. Had I had more time to prepare the ending I feel it would have been a little more final in a way. I don’t think I did too badly. People kept on coming back so I must’ve been doing something right.

Here is a short rundown of the campaign. The setting was a world called Pondera, which means balance in Latin. There is always a balance of forces. Good can never conquer evil or vice versa, if that did happen it would result in an imbalance, which would be bad in some way I haven’t thought of yet. I wanted to create a world of balance, but I don’t think I really got that point across in this campaign, though I’m already thinking about Pondera 2.0, which will focus more on that aspect.

In the Pondera the fey races lived on the western continent and most of them had a deep hatred for non-fey races especially humans. Many years ago the “outsiders” (Eberron civilization) from the opposite side of the world went to war with the fey and released a plague which decimated a third of the population, most of which consisted of eladrin and elves. As a result those non-fey who did live in fey lands were treated as second class citizens or were slaves.

The main villain was a human called Vander Osay Vindlassus, but went by only his middle name. As a boy he grew up in elven lands and joined a rebellion against the oppressive fey only to fail. His comrades in arms and family were part of the casualties. Because of these events he was determined to make the fey suffer. I didn’t want my main villain to be an egotistic bad guy with no direction. I wanted to give him reason. This is a man you could relate to that was full of passion. You can understand why he has such hate and will go so far into hurting people. He needs to utterly destroy the fey because they destroyed him and others like him throughout history.

I scattered things called relics in the world that were similar to artifacts. Each god had one which s/he bestowed upon the mortal races. The relic could be anything, a book, weapon, or even just a simple torch. They, of course, had powerful magical properties but they also had curses. Osay had Vecna’s Phylactery, which enabled him to have complete control over the undead. His curse was that he could not directly kill, which makes it great for torturing victims. My PCs used Kord’s Thunder, which they finally found after one of the NPCs, Ixen “Molotov” gave them a treasure map with clues to follow. It was the only thing that could penetrate the shield Osay had through his relic. Kord’s Thunder demands that the warrior that owns it challenge warriors. If the warrior lost his soul would be devoured by the weapon. When the wielder dies they go across the land challenging any opponent.

There are a couple things I would’ve changed. I felt like I forced my PCs to fight for Kord’s Thunder, they were very hesitant about taking the weapon because of the curse on it. I don’t like forcing my players to do anything, I want them to make their own choices and for the most part it happened that way.

Promote their creativity; I tried to do this as often as I could. When they had an absolutely brilliant idea that I would’ve never thought of I let them use it. Though I wish there were some instances where I could outsmart my players. That in itself did not happen too often and that is more of a fault on my part.

The game wasn’t as challenging as it should’ve been. It is very hard to kill paragon level characters. There were not any PC deaths. The players never felt they were in danger. I think that sense of danger is important in any game whether it be silly or stoic. I completely failed on that part, but my next game may be in a pathfinder system. That might make the danger sense a little easier to make.

All in all I immensely enjoyed myself. I have always been the writer type and I loved making my own world and people. I offered to step down as dungeon master to those players who wanted to stay they said I should continue if I want. So like I said I know I’m doing something right.