So recently I dropped out of my biweekly Rifts game. For those who do not know what Rifts is, I did a review of it in an earlier blog post so go check that out. There are a couple reasons I dropped out of the game. Rifts wasn’t my type of game. I mentioned in my review the combat system and skill rules are very archaic. Those who play can say it very similar to older Dungeons and Dragons editions.

Also I just didn’t mesh well with the group and am the type of person who values action over planning. So when they would spend a long time planning and such I became quite frustrated. So I thought this would be a good time to write an entry about leaving a game. No one likes to drop out of games, but it happens. There are a few pointers I can give to those who are thinking of getting out of theirs.

People become annoyed when you drop out of a game and don’t say anything. You will of course have to tell your friend you’re dropping out of his/her game. However usually most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash to strangers. Please say something. You have no idea how many games I have participated in where someone just drops off the face of the planet.

As the person who leaves, unless the gamemaster specifically asks you why you are leaving, don’t give out that information. As players I expect most people to have enough common sense to address their gamemaster first before leaving if you have a problem with the way the game is run. Now I think a gamemaster should ask why the player is leaving (if it is not related to personal reasons). If you are hit with this scenario (as the person who is leaving) be honest, but not vindictive nothing good comes out of this. I always want to improve the way I run my games and I would like to know if I am doing a decent job. As the gamemaster in this situation (the cause of leaving) take the criticizing and use it to make you better.

That’s all I can give for advice with this subject. What it comes down to is be honest, don’t be a whiny disgruntle bitch, and be professional about it. When I say professional I mean don’t leave better and cut loose quickly especially if you are leaving because of conflicts within the party.