Remember when you were a kid and sometimes you’d play a game called Telephone? The game where you would say something to a person and said person would repeat to the next and so on, during which in time would screw up what was originally said? I didn’t get to experience that but I know many who have. Well now we call all enjoy it all over again with our terrible artistic capabilities.

Telestrations is a game published by USAopoly Inc the same people who made Monopoly. The game is designed to allow anywhere between 4-8 players. Each person receives a dry erase marker, washcloth, a card with two sides, and a sketch pad with tabs. At the start of the game a person rolls a six sided die, the number it lands on is the word you must draw from the card (which is literally labeled This Side or That Side).

The player will write down their secret word on their pad and on the next page proceed to draw it. Then they pass it to the left or right to the next player who must guess what the previous player drew. After that the pad is passed on to the next player and they are the ones who must draw what the previous player guessed. This pattern continues until the pads are back in the hands of the original owner who then reveals what was guessed. If you are playing for points, the person whose pad was correct the whole way through the rotation gets a point. The person with the most point at the end of three rounds wins.

The game becomes really fun if the participants lack artistic talent. Wild guesses all around folks! What else is there to say? This is a fun social game, which takes only a few minutes to learn. After perhaps six words the participants might become a little bored and want to do something else. All in all this is a good game with not much behind it, but good for those who are or not into board games. I give it 3/75 out of 5 stars or dice or dagger whatever.