Recently I have come across something very disturbing that I think all gamers, regardless of media, should be aware of. Colleen Lachowicz, demoncratic candidate for the Maine Sentate seat has come under scrutiny because she plays the popular mmorpg World of Warcraft. The website known as “Colleen’s World” which is paid for and authorized by the Maine Republican Party attempts to illustrate how unfit a candidate Ms. Lachowicz is because she escapes the real world for a fantasy one. Also on said site are numerous comments she has made on forums and other places about what she does in game and etc.

When I first visited this site it made very upset and concerned as it should you. A person is being attacked because of what she does in her spare time to have fun. Let me throw some numbers at you, according statistics provided by the Nielson Company, the average American in 2010 watches 34 hours of television a week. A poll on mmo-champion a popular site for WoW players, 25% of participants say that they play the game between 36-40 hours a week. Granted the latter is not an official poll, but what I am trying to illustrate is the following… Why? Why attack someone who plays video games as a form of entertain and not those who watch television? It is almost the same thing, a person sitting on their behind entertaining themselves in their choice of media.

It is the stigma that is attached to video gamers that we are nothing but lazy violent individuals. This is beginning to change with the average video gamer now in their late twenties. Video games are rapidly becoming a major form of entertainment and it’s very good that it is, but there are still people who view video games as childish and a waste of time. Unfortunately these types of people are promoting the Colleen’s World site and I am genuinely sad about how ignorant these people can be. No one should be dismissed just because they do something like this. It would be the akin of saying, “Don’t vote for candidate x because he watches zombie films to escape reality”.

For the record I am an independent. I believe people should vote for what candidates believe in and what policies they will try to push forward. However these people for this site are something else. I am not telling you to vote for this woman just because she plays WoW unless you believe in what she stands for. I am asking you to let these people know how you feel about them doing this and how wrong it is. All of us have been stereotyped in someway whether in video games or tabletop gaming. Why should we let it perpetuate any further?