My favorite adventures to write are silly ones. I mean sure, a serious and terrifying adventure where the odds are against you are, great once in a while, but I love laughing more. I enjoy throwing my players in a very comedic situation. One time I created a dungeon with fours wings. The head of the wizard wing put on a sock puppet show about weapon safety, but not before he send clowns and mimes to attack them. T’was a silly game. Those were the good days where puppies and kittens fell from the sky and grandpa snorted some thumbtacks.

Every game whether it be serious or light hearted should have at least a couple of laughs during the game. I know it doesn’t make sense, but laughing is great distressing. You scoff when I say that because the act of playing an rpg is distress itself. I get real tense and followed by a bit frustrated when I’m in danger for too long.

My work week is fine for the most part but it’s still a job. It’s kind of dull and boring and I wish I was writing something. I look forward to those funny sessions with my players. It gives me something to look forward to.