“Insert the foulest language possible”

“What did you roll?”

“A 2! This proves there is no god.”

That is what my last Tuesday Dungeon Crawl Classics was like. I wasn’t the only one with crap rolls. It seemed as if every player was infected with some type of viral low rolling disease and our gamemaster was vaccinated before the game.


However though we can all agree that low dice rolls suck and they are trying to kill us, low rolls sometimes provide the tension that is needed in a game. Often this forces players to think outside the box or be even more careful. Call me an optimist and me, Tuesday night, would call a bloody filthy liar who deserves all the death and would’ve punched all the blood out of you.

Who benefits most? The immediate answer I imagine I would receive is the game master, but low dice rolls also introduce another problem. If you are an impatient person with a long term campaign like myself then prolonged battles keep players from the story you had plan for that day. The other thing is I don’t like it when my players get so frustrated there is dead silence. This means no one is having fun and the reason we do this is to have fun. Other reasons why we all hate the low rolls is pcs may die or be horribly level drained to the point of uselessness and etc.

So why am I repeating the obvious?