We hear a lot of stories on how playing games can bring people together. My relationship with my mother isn’t the best of the lot. Quite frankly it’s abysmal. I try to avoid talking to her I’m over her house for multiple reasons. We are two very different people. She is an extrovert who is as stubborn as they come and I am quiet, but logical (mostly) with strong opinions. The arguments we’ve had are something I rather not repeat.

Back in my college days I played a lot of World of Warcraft. After WoW lost its allure I dabbled in Aion, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. We can safely say that I’m well versed in the world of MMOrpgs. My mother hated that I was on the computer all the time and who can blame her? Too much of a thing is not good for anyone.

After I moved out she began to invest her time in an MMO called Lineage 2. At the time I didn’t really think anything of it. She is my mother and what she does for her free time is none of my business. It did click  however when I went home very recently and just of the heck of it chatted with her about what she was doing in game.

It felt weird. She was talking about raids and bots. Further into the conversation she was complaining that she was considered a noob when she went to these raids, because she wasn’t a very good tank. Being a former tank myself in WoW, I tried to give her some simple advice such as, “Don’t worry about damage. Your job is to hold aggro and it’s your raid’s job to keep you alive. You just have to focus on that.” My father simply smiled at us and nodded. He had no idea what we were talking about! It was one of the longer conversations we’ve had without fighting and in the end I was happy I could help her out.

Now I wish I could say everything is sunshine and kittens, but I can’t just yet. You know what though? It’s a start. Thanks games.