Like the title indicates whether it be good or bad every story deserves an introduction. I am but a mere woman who had recently discovered her love for roleplaying games especially Dungeons and Dragons. Only have I started playing less than three years ago.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am not an old school gamer. My tabletop journey started with 4th edition. Nor have I played many other tabletop games aside from Paranoia and Pathfinder.

Before that I was introduced to videogames by my younger brother. My first real video game was Diablo 2. I never was immersed into anything else before that.Sure I played a game here and there but nothing led me on the dark path of this form of entertainment until D2.

Games are something that I have come to love over such a short period time. There is something about playing with other people face to face and their looks after you take down that . There is something about firing a rocket launcher in a game and mowing down opponents. There is something about winning a Dominion game just by one point.

A thirst has form in me, I want to play more. That is what this is about.